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My name is Kate Sohng. All my earliest memories are related to sound, color, and storytelling: the moment when I sang for the very first time in my life, the color that most frequently appeared in my dreams, and the comicbook that I drew after reading a fairytale. I am sure the reason that I still remember these so clearly even though they happened in my early childhood is that sound, color, and storytelling are the things about which I am most passionate. Thus, it was very natural that I started to have an interest in interactive media design. Also, I have learned how the media design can have a limitless possibility of expression by learning technology.

So, I love to code and design and using them as tools that efficiently deliver messages to people. Recently, I started seeing the value of the ability to think critically, which I believe is essential to every interactive designer. A good interactive designer considers and integrates knowledge from different areas and creates artifacts with new ideas. I would like to be an interaction designer who delivers an indiscriminate message to a public that respects all human rights. Also, I will keep studying how to interact with people through code and design to evoke emotions that may lead people toward considerations of social justice issues.


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Internship as a research assistant was an incredible experience. It helped me develop not only my research ability for real world problems but also a lot of technology such as 3D design and printing, and prototyping.

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Web Design

I worked as a web/graphic designer in a web development team for an online e-commerce company in Busan. I developed my web coding skills and found that I had an interest in web programming. Additionally, I experienced many times how important teamwork is to achieving a shared goal.

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Graphic Design

My life with graphic design started by applying to an institute where people can learn web and graphic design. I loved it, since it reconnected me with my dream of color and storytelling existing together!


Kate's Academic Journal

I am also fond of organizing and journaling my achievements. My academic blog helps me in lots of ways as it works as a great compass of the academic journey in my life.

This blog contains all project managements, designs, and other artifacts related to my projects during the years I studied at the University of Washington. Kate's Academic Journal